Thursday 10 March 2022

Report on the awareness camp on Alcohol and Drug Abuse conducted on 8th March 2022

An awareness program on the ill effects of Alcohol and Drug  abuse was conducted by Social Welfare department and health department on 8 March 2022 in VKV Port Blair. 

Dr. Naveen Govind Nodal officer, DHS Health Department illustrated on the ill effects of Alcoholism and Drug addiction. 

Mr V M Roy Nodal Officer, Mr Yousuf Health Educators, Smt Kanchan Supervisor ICDC, advised students to be aware about how it  has got spread in the society and to be away from it. Mr R Prem Kumar Nodal officer, Prohibition, Social Welfare interacted with students and answered all their queries. 

He insisted students to be cautions with the ill effects of Alcoholism and Drugs and be aware from it to be good  to family society and country. The program was highly informative and useful to all.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

An interaction session with Dr. Pratibha Athavale, Dentist, Social Worker and Writer

 Report on visit of Dr. Pratibha Athavale and Smt. Anita Thambe

VKV PORT BLAIR: An interaction session with Dr. Pratibha Athavale, Dentist, Social Worker and Writer and Smt. Anita Thambe was held in the school assemnly hall on 26th February, 2022. 66 students with 37 teaching staffs were present for the programme. The program started with Manglacharan. 

Dr. Archana Gupta , Vice Principal of VKV Port Blair, presented the welcome address.

Dr. Pratibha Athavale briefed about the physical hygiene. She also highlighted the menstrual cycle and reproductory system in women's / girls' body. She explained the importance of healthy diet day-to-day life.

She emphasized on how to be physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally strong. Then she briefed about the importance of education and also advised to take care of their teeth. At last, she answered the questions raised by the students and teachers.

The programme concluded with Shanti Mantra.