Friday 26 August 2022

Traffic Awareness Programme

Traffic Awareness Programme was conducted at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Port Bair on 26th August 2022
The awareness programme was conducted in the school Assembly hall, About  100 students and 7 teachers attended the program. Shri. Mithun Kirtania, Sub Inspector ( Traffic), A&N Police Department headed the programme.  Shri Mithun Kirtania along with Sub Inspector Shiva Kumar taught Students about the traffic signals and the meaning of the different signals of the traffic inspectors. The penalties for violating the traffic rules were explained to the gathering which the students found interesting.

 At the end of the programme the students actively involved themselves in discussing with the police officers about traffic awareness and road safety.  
The school authorities thanked the A& N Traffic Police Department for the kind initiative of educating the students and teachers about road safety and traffic rules.

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